Real Leather Re-Upholstery & Renovations in norfolk,ipswich,lincoln,kings lynn,louth,grimsby

For Chesterfields - Sofas - Chairs -Stools - Chaise Lounges and more..........

We have been renovating and reupholstering clients furniture for over 50 years and can transform even your antique chesterfields and chaise lounges again like new.

Replacing the old worn out real leather completely is always the best option so you guarantee a life long lasting upholstered finish but we also offer for antique rub off style real leather a matching service so we can replace the damaged area of real leather with a matching leather hide then we can clean down and re-colour the leather that is still in good condition to match in again.

This is proving a popular choice for clients with old loving furniture they do not wish to part with and buy new again.

Antique Real Leathers or Rub Off Leathers as also know